Seismic Resilience of Hospitals
02:00pm to 04:00pm

Earthquakes are major disruption events in any country, with a massive impact on human and economic losses. During this events the health system is under extreme pressure to provide assistance to society and as is often the case the infrastructure itself on which the services are based are damaged or even collapsed. Therefore, Hospitals are the most critical infrastructure to be protected.


In the case of partial damage to Hospitals the continuity of services can be compromised leading to a denial of service to patients on time of a greater influx of users. In addition to that even hospitals that do not present structural damage may have to be evacuated leading to a greater diversion of human and material means that should be providing assistance people affected by the earthquake.


It does not have to be like that!!!!


In this seminar we will:


  • Approach how earthquakes affect the health infrastructure with examples in different parts of the world


  • Approach on a simple way how can we, with existing technology increase the resilience of hospitals, increase the safety of hospital staff and patients and also make sure that hospitals keep functioning after the event of an earthquake.



The Seminar is free entry. The request of a certificate and / or declaration of attendance must be ordered on the day of the event at the ISPUP Secretariat.


Francisco Lourenço Pimenta

Francisco, is a civil engineer graduated in Porto University and with a MSC by the Imperial College of London

In his career he has worked in 4 continents in major infrastructure projects in several countries.

Since returning to Portugal he has founded his own company, PRETENSA which have been involved on several relevant projects in Portugal ( Vasco da Gama Bridge, 25 Abril Bridge, Funchal Airport, Corgo Viaduct, several Highways, Clerigos Tower Reinforcement, etc..)

During the existing life of the company he has directed the focus of the Company to Seismic Protection and was already involved on the Seismic Isolation of Luz Hospital in Lisbon (the only Base Isolated Hospital in Portugal).

In the past years, as manager of Pretensa, together with the National Laboratory for Seismic Engineering-LNEC and The Portuguese Seismic Society-SPES, he has been organizing an yearly seminar on Seismic Protection with a special focus on promoting seismic engineering and associated technologies