Digital Transformation applied to Public Health, trends and real-world experience
02:00pm to 04:00pm
ISPUP Auditorium

By 2020 an individual will produce more than two Gigabytes of information per day; an office, a group of cars, a stadium or a factory will produce hundreds of Gb to dozens of Terabytes or Petabytes per event or work day. This data is an output about how we live, work, interact with each other and with our environment, how we play and grow. This trend will continue increasing by the fact that everything is digital today.

Thus, it is the responsibility of Public Health Professionals to adapt to this new reality and capture all the data in order to improve our daily data analytics or planning an intervention routine. But…what is Public Health Data [handling] Strategy?

In this seminar you’ll be introduced to how new Business Intelligence tools are used in daily Public Health related activities, what is machine learning doing for public health screening programs, what sort of new problems we are facing with digital transformation and how we may tackle some of them. 


Language: English



The Seminar is free entry. The request of a certificate and / or declaration of attendance must be ordered on the day of the event at the ISPUP Secretariat.

Hugo Monteiro
ARS Norte

Medical Doctor, Public Health Specialist, works in Departamento de Estudos e Planeamento da Administração Regional de Saúde da Região Norte. Has a MSc in Public Health, by Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, a Post-Graduation in Healthcare Management by Católica Porto Business School and a Medical Degree by Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa. He is Industry Fellow of Executive Education on Business Analytics in Católica Porto Business School, where he teaches about Dashboards and Data Visualization. He has published scientific papers in epidemiology and clinical research and articles regarding the digital transformation of healthcare services. Has experience with digital platforms for the collection, transformation of data and communication of information (regarding healthcare services activity and health indicators). Invited collaborator for the Healthcare Reform in work groups related to the digital transformation. He Is also a lecturer and instructor on MS Power BI and Office 365, with Healthcare in focus.