Anthropology of Health
José Nuno Silva
The objective of the course is to base the need for anthropological reflection in the context of health sciences, particularly Medicine; To value the importance of the Person, as a cultural and social subject, not only in discourse but also in the processes related to prevention and promotion of Health, and Care giving as well; To transmit the contribution of Medical Anthropology, both in its philosophical and cultural dimensions, to Public Health. José Nuno Ferreira da Silva is a catholic priest and the chaplain of Hospital, in Porto. He first graduated in Theology (BTh), in the Portuguese Catholic University, back in the year of 1992. In the same University, defended his Master’s thesis in Theological Bioethics (MTh), in 2004, and finished a Master in Pastoral Health (MA), in the International Institute of Theology and Pastoral Health, in Rome. In 2008, he concluded a Course of Humanization in Health Care, in Madrid. He is currently about to finish is PhD thesis in Bioethics, in the Portuguese Catholic University. He is member of St. John’s Hospital Ethics Commission as well of the National Health Institute Ricardo Jorge. His main scientific and research area is Health Anthropology, which has been deepening in national and foreign institutions. He has also been lecturing in several Universities and Higher Education Institutions of Health, in areas such as Bioethics, Humanization and Health Anthropology, Palliative Care and Inter-religious dialogue. He is the Head of the Health Anthropology Department of the Public Health Institute of the Porto University (ISPUP).
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14:00h - 18:30h
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