Infectious Diseases in Europe: HIV and Hepatitis, 2-4 June
Henrique Barros; Jeffrey Lazarus
The annual infectious disease seminar at the University of Porto will focus on HIV and hepatitis. Leading Portuguese scholars together with foreignexperts and community members will present thelatest issues regarding these two infectious diseases. Epidemiology, research methodology, health policyand current substantive data will be presented in a series of interactive sessions at the Institute of Public Health of Porto. Join us to debate, discuss and uncover why two preventable and treatable infections continue to be major public health issues in Europe, despite national and regional interventions and policies to prevent, treat and eventually eliminate them. Detailed Programme
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Geral - 200 euros; Descontos: a) Alunos, Antigos Alunos, funcionários da UP e médicos internos de Saúde Pública – 25%; b) Desconto para Sócios APE – 20%; Os descontos não são acumuláveis entre si.
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