Biotechnology and Social Regulation
Susana Silva
This Course seeks to provide students with the main areas of analysis in contemporary theoretical and empirical research that examines the social regulation of biotechnology. The specific objectives are the following ones:• To identify the key approaches and debates in the field of social studies of biotechnology and biomedicine.• To discuss the societal, economic and ethical repercussions of the politics of regulation of biotechnologies.• To understand the heterogeneity of uses and social meanings associated with the applications of biotechnology.• To analyse the multiple inequalities in terms of power, property and citizens’ interactions with biotechnology.• To evaluate the main fields of contemporary research around the uses of biotechnology in health.
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Alunos, antigos alunos e funcionários da UP - 75€; Membros externos à UP - 100€
9h00-13h00; 14h00-18h00
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