Nutritional Epidemiology. Nutrition and Obesity: to measure, to analyze and to act
Carla Lopes
Marie-Aline CHARLESINSERM - Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, FRANCECarla LOPES, Elisabete RAMOS, Ana Cristina SANTOS, Andreia OLIVEIRA, Joana ARAÚJO, Milton SEVERODepartment of Clinical Epidemiology, Predictive Medicine and Public Health – University of Porto Medical School, PTPublic Health Institute – University of Porto, PTObjective: To know and better understand the concepts and methods related with the evaluation and application of nutritional determinants in health. The assessment of food intake and the relation between diet and cardiovascular risk factors, in particular obesity, in children and adolescents, and the respective prevention strategies will be focused. Topics of this course will be divided into two units: 1. Methodology and tools of dietary assessment (day 1), 2. Diet and Obesity: interpretation and intervention (days 2 and 3).
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Students, former students and workers from the University of Porto - €150 (Unit 1- 60€; Unit 2 -110€) External members of the University of Porto - €200 (Unit 1- 70€; Unit 2 -140€) *
9h30-13h00; 14h00-18h00
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