Medical Law / Health Law
Maria do Céu Rueff
MARIA DO CÉU RUEFF Center for Biomedical Law, Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra Member of the Ethics Committee of Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon Objectives 1. Understanding the specific issues of Medical Law, according to an integrated and transdisciplinary perspective of medicine and law, as well as the legal-institutional framework of medicine. 2. Acknowledgment of the problems raised by medical-legal issues, taking into account the \"principles\" of Law, Medicine and Bioethics, and of the national and international sources of Medical Law (notably, Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine or Oviedo Convention). 3. Learning how the protection of human personality in the legal system is guaranteed and how to locate and translate legally some of the issue in which health professionals are confronted with in their daily practice (focus on the norms of the Civil Code on the personality rights and of the Penal Code: notably, Medical-surgical interventions and treatments, violation of confidentiality, leges artis and end of life (including palliative care and euthanasia. 4. Understanding how the health system in Portugal is structured, through the major legal texts that established and govern it, where the medical activity is projected and in which systems the health care professional is inserted. 5. Studying the labour and disciplinary status of the physicians or, in a broader sense, the health professionals, taking into account the administrative system of health, the Labour Code and the Code of Medical Ethics. 6. Studying the legal system of some particular aspects of professional practice within the health system, notably, the informed consent, medical responsibility, and health information.
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