Understanding clinical trials
Ana Azevedo
CoordinationANA AZEVEDOUniversity of Porto Medical School (FMUP)Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto (ISPUP)Hospital Epidemiology Centre of Centro Hospitalar São João, EPE (CEPIH-CHSJ)Teaching StaffANA AZEVEDO (FMUP, ISPUP, CHSJ), ANA MARTA OLIVEIRA (CEPIH-CHSJ), ANTÓNIO LOURENÇO (Comissão de Ética para a Investigação Clínica (CEIC)), HELENA PESSEGUEIRO (Centro Hospitalar do Porto), LUÍS DE ALMEIDA (Universidade de Aveiro), PAULO CARINHA (Serviços Farmacêuticos-CHSJ)Clinical trials play a leading role in the evaluation of the effect of interventions, pharmacological and others. In this course, methodological and strategic issues in the design and conduct of clinical trials will be discussed. Hierarchies of evidence to support clinical and public health practice will be explored.We aim to prepare critical readers of the medical literature, and to contribute to train professionals able to design investigator-driven clinical trials, and to support clinicians and deciders at different levels of the healthcare systems. Rules for conducting clinical trials in Portugal will be addressed.
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Alunos, antigos alunos e funcionários da UP; funcionários do Centro Hospitalar São João, EPE (CHSJ) - €180; membros externos à UP e ao CHSJ- €240
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