Tuberculosis, Jan-Apr
Raquel Duarte

The Institute of Public Health University of Porto in collaboration with the Portuguese Society of Pneumology organizes the Course :


The course is for health professionals, giving preference to those working in the field.

The course will be held in English and Portuguese.

Has a limit of 40 participants.


In the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Apply concepts of epidemiology in clinical practice;

2 . Use diagnostic tools in the study of a patient with suspected tuberculosis;

3 . Use the available drugs to treat tuberculosis , as well as addressing co-morbidities and adverse effects;

4 . Understand the principles of the approach of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis;

5 . Realize how to track populations at-risk;

6 . Know how to approach a tuberculosis outbreak and understand the dynamics of tuberculosis transmission in a community;

Evaluation criteria are:

1. Participation in sessions ;

2 . Final assessment test of multiple choice ;

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Tuition Fee:
100 euros (geral); 400 euros (obtenção de 4,5 ECTs)
4,5 ECTs (inscrição na divisão académica)
Start date:
End date: