Health Decision Support Systems, May
Milton Severo

Background and aims:

A decision support system is an interactive computer system which aims to help decision-makers - health professionals - to use data and models to identify and solve problems in order to make better health decisions.

The data mining methods automatically seek for regularities and patterns in the data. These patterns and regularities can be generalized in order to be useful in future decisions.


The course objectives are that participants acquire knowledge on the use of a computer application of data statistical analysis in R environment and build a system to support health decision.



Researchers and pre- and post- graduate students with descriptive statistics and basic inference knowledge and wishing to improve their skills in modeling supervised and unsupervised data using the capabilities of R  free access tool.


This course has a limit of 15 participants and the selection will be made based on the curriculum vitae evaluation.



Course head: PhD Milton Severo (Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto; Institute of Public Health, University of Porto) has a degree in mathematics by University of Aveiro, MSc in Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems by Faculty of Economics of University of Porto e PhD in Public Health by Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto. His work has mainly addressed the problems modeling in epidemiology, public health, nutrition and medical education. He has over a hundred papers published internationally and national journals.


Detailed Programme


Course held in Portuguese.

Tuition Fee:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 14 p.m until 18 p.m
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