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The effect of profession on burnout in hospital staff.

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Knowledge about cardiovascular disease in Portugal.

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Work-related determinants of psychosocial risk factors among employees in the hospital setting.

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A short form of the neonatal intensive care unit family needs inventory.

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Parenting very preterm infants and stress in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

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Factors associated with willingness to donate embryos for research among couples undergoing IVF

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Self-reported psychosocial factors among in vitro fertilization patients interviewed alone or with the partner.

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Patients' views on the embryo storage time limits

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Social Trajectory and Body Image Satisfaction in Childbearing Women

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Breast milk supply in hospital setting.

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Family structure and use of prenatal care.

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Awareness and motives for use and non-use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis in familial amyloid polyneuropathy mutation carriers

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Long-Term Maintenance of Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy: An Analysis of the Birth Cohort Generation XXI.

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Parents' views on factors that help or hinder breast milk supply in neonatal care units: systematic review

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Long-Term Survival, Autonomy and Quality of Life of Elderly Patients Undergoing Aortic Valve Replacement

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