Andreia Rodrigues

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

Research Group:

Andreia de Castro Rodrigues was born in 1978 and has a graduation degree, a master and a PhD in Psychology. Her career has been marked by different experiences both of practice and research, from Community intervention in problematic territories (Programa Escolhas and ADILO) and/or with social excluded individuals (Project “Porto Feliz” and Project " Saúde em Cadeia: Programa de promoção da literacia em saúde entre pares em contexto penitenciário"), to the participation in funded research or research-action projects (including the FCT and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation). She has several publications in scientific journals and in textbooks, as well as presentations at scientific meetings. She also has teaching experience in higher education, and is currently a part time Assistant Professor at Lusíada University, as well as several hundred hours of training in various topics tangential to Psychology. Currently she collaborates with the ISPUP in the coordination of the self-evaluation process for (national and international) accreditation of the postgraduation cycles of study developed in this institution, as well as in processes of pedagogical supervision and quality monitoring.