Sandra Silva

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Sandra Pinto da Silva received a Masters’ degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (in the subspecialty of Clinical Geropsychology) from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (2009) and completed a postgraduate course on Social Economy at the Faculty of Economy (2011), both from the University of Coimbra. Currently, is a Master and PhD student in Public Health and integrates the Department of Health and Society and the research group on Social Epidemiology (EPIUnit) of the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto (ISPUP) as a research fellow in the research project “ENGAgED - Bionetworking and citizENship on GAmetE Donation”, founded by FCT (PTDC/IVC-ESCT/6294/2014).

Her main research interests are grounded on the promotion of responsible research and innovation in public health, addressing: i) the ethical, legal and (psycho)social aspects of health technologies and health technologies assessment; ii) public and patient engagement on research and the definition and implementation of health policies and health promotion strategies, contributing to the promotion of people-centred health care and research; and iii) the design, implementation and evaluation of health promotion strategies.