The group focuses on the determinants of women’s and children’s health during pregnancy, delivery, neonatal period and childhood, on the processes that operate in health and wellbeing during an individual's life span, particularly those that are part of the early stages of life and on the perinatal practices and policies to assure the quality and safety of care.


The group has as main research lines: (1) sexual and reproductive health – including social, psychological and population aspects of terminations of pregnancy, pregnancy related severe morbidity and mortality, intrauterine growth, impact of pregnancy related technologies in fetal and early life outcomes (with special emphasis on ultrasound), maternal health care system, impact of cesarean section on women and child health; (2) preterm birth and the health of preterm infants; (3) twins as a model for the interaction between nature and nurture; (4) child socio-emotional and mental development; (5) early events defining oral health, and oral health trajectories; (6) social aspects of growth and educational integration.


In the recent past (2008-12), individually or as a result of multiple inter-collaborations and partnerships that we had established, the group members were responsible for 154 international papers (10% with an impact factor higher than 6), were PIs of 5 national and 2 international projects competitively funded, and supervised 10 doctoral completed theses.