01.04.2008 - 01.04.2010

ABUEL - Elder Abuse: A multinational prevalence survey (2008-2010)


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Karolinska Institute, Sweden


In ABUEL we aim to collect and analyse empirical, reliable and representative data about the magnitude, characteristics and determinants of abuse against elder people, 60-84 years, living in a urban centre. To identify and measure different types of mistreatment: neglect, physical, psychological, financial, sexual and establishing the differences between abused and non abused in demographic/socio-economic background, physical and mental health, health care services, functional status, quality of life and social support. To contribute to policy research concerning elder abuse and improve the availability and effectiveness of procedures in reporting, preventing and treating it. To develop implementation guidelines and best practice recommendations on promoting health/well-being among the elderly, preventing and intervening to support/care of the abused individuals, across Member States.


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A Comparative Analysis of the Status Anxiety Hypothesis of Socio-economic Inequalities in Health Based on 18,349 individuals in Four Countries and Five Cohort Studies
Scientific Reports
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