01.06.2016 - 29.08.2019

HEBE: Health, Comfort and Energy in the Built Environment (NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000010)


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The research line Health, Comfort and Energy in the Built Environment (HEBE) has been designed to give scientific support for the possible implementation of coherent and effective disease prevention and health promotion in different stages of life in order to optimize the current and future health and to make a meaningful contribution on learning tools and implementation of source-control strategies of air pollution. The data obtained will also deepen the knowledge about the risk of exposure to air pollution (outdoors and indoors), maternal diet and lifestyle in early stages of life for the health of the new-born and will be translated into scientific advice towards the development of protocols and guidelines focused on the North of Portugal.

The research line will have its focus on one main Societal Challenges: “Health, demographic changes and wellbeing” aiming to stimulate scientific support to “Health and Life Sciences”, based on the following thematic topics:

-Indoor exposure and related health risks

-Health, comfort and energy.

The final goal is to contribute to the regional value chain development through the integration of the medicine, epidemiology, public health, engineering and environment scientific fields.


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