Professional Internships Program at ISPUP

The ISPUP Professional Internship Program is managed by the Secretariat.

Professional Internships have two different modes:

  1. Access to Professional Associations:

- The stages of access to professional associations, namely Professional Association of Nutritionists or Psychologists are established in accordance with the statutes of each Professional Order.

- They are unpaid internships.

- They have an average duration of six months.


  1. Supporting employment;

- Maximum of 12 months' duration;

- They are paid internships;

- Are carried out under a program of support and incentive for employment;

- They are funded by the Portuguese Institute of Employment and Training (IEFP);

Applications can be accepted, according to the needs presented by the institution.


At the moment, there are not available applications for professional internships.

Any further clarification, please contact the Secretariat.


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