Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of the ISPUP is an initiative of the Directorate, that decided its creation in March 2013. The Committee was formed in early April, starting its work under the chairmanship of Dr. Rosalvo Almeida.

In 2016, started a new triennium, with the nomination of Professor António Martins da Silva as President.


Members of the Ethics Committee of the ISPUP include:

Prof. António Martins da Silva, Neurologista.

Dra. Margarida Guedes, Pediatra

Enf. Maria José Santos, Mestre em Saúde Pública, ARS Norte. 

Dr. Hélder Pacheco, Historiador e Escritor.

Dr. José Queirós, Psiquiatra. 

Dr. Manuel Sobral Torres, Jurista. 



As an independent committee, its main concern is the promotion and observance of ethical standards in all academic activities of the ISPUP, following regulations that can be accessed here.


All research projects that have the ISPUP as proposing or participating entity must be submitted to the Ethics Committee. Projects can only be waived if similar committees are appreciating them.


The application form can be downloaded here and, once completed (in Portuguese) and signed, should be scanned and sent as a PDF to


The standard form of informed consent can be consulted and downloaded here.

The research protocol may be in Portuguese or in English, the entire document should be provided in one language.


The Ethics Committee meets monthly. Next meetings are scheduled for 17th December, 2020; 28th january, 25th february, 25th march, 29th april, 27th may, 29th june, 29th july, 30th september, 28th october, 25th november, 16th december, 2021. 


Additional Information (see Article 6 of the Regulation):

1. The final assessment occur when author's clarifications or reformulations proposed (or new applications without the need for clarification or reformulations) have been received up to ten days before the meeting. Situations to safeguard, in exceptional circumstances and reasons hindering the EC consider not able to issue opinion.

2. When is exceeded within 90 days without author's answer to requests for clarification or reformulation, it is assumed the withdrawal of submission and ends the process (and it could be reopened if new submission).


Check the Projects submitted until now:







To submit your project’s ethics request and any additional questions, please email