Internal Review Board

The Internal Review Board of ISPUP is an initiative of the Directorate that approved its creation in 2013.


The objectives of this commission include:


  • Check the quality of the scientific production of ISPUP by discussing the content of scientific papers produced by its researchers;
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of scientific papers produced by ISPUP's researchers;
  • Provide the ISPUP researchers with peer-reviewing skills;
  • Contribute to a greater exchange and monitoring of the work that is being carried out by the different departments and research groups within ISPUP.

Board consists of eight working groups. Their composition is renewed annually and randomly stratified in order to ensure a homogeneous representation of member categories.


Members that integrate the Board:


  • President and Board of Directors of ISPUP;
  • Research group leaders;
  • Project leaders funded by external entities;
  • Researchers, post-doctoral researchers, assistants and research fellows;
  • PhD and Master's students. 

All scientific work is submitted to the Board before paper submission (keynote lectures, speeches, presentations and oral communications are not included). Documents drawn up in collaboration with researchers from other scientific institutions are also to be submitted whenever the ISPUP affiliation is present.


Scientific papers for review by the Board must be sent to


To see the complete schedule of meetings:

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