Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board was established to advise the ISPUP in defining strategies to promote education and research, identifying emerging areas for the provision of community services and support decision-making.


The Scientific Advisory Board meets three times a year and is composed by a member of the Board of Directors and a member from each Faculty of the University of Porto, elected by the Director of the College. 


The depth of knowledge and multidisciplinarity that involves practice, teaching and research in public health are reinforced by the perspective and approach of each member of the Board:


FEUP Prof. Fernando Monteiro

FEP Prof. João Proença

FCNAUP Prof. Pedro Moreira

FADEUP Prof. José Duarte

FFUP Prof. Maria de São José Alexandre

FLUP Prof. Maria Isabel Dias

FCUP Prof. Cosme Moura

FDUP Prof. Carla Cardoso

FMDUP Prof. Afonso Ferreira

FPCEUP Prof. Selene Vicente

FAUP Prof. Joaquim Teixeira

FBAUP Prof. Samuel Silva