Priority Setting, Health Financing and Public Health: How is healthcare suffering?
02:00pm to 04:00pm
ISPUP Auditorium

Priority-setting in health care is known as: “the task of determining the priority to be assigned to a service, a service development or an individual patient at a given point in time. Prioritisation is needed because claims (whether needs or demands) on healthcare resources are greater than the resources available.” Priority setting helps policy makers to achieving national health policy objectives, to allocating resources using cost-effectiveness, to focus on equity and to introducing and assessing new technologies including drugs and instruments. It emphasizes on health focusing diseases for an intervention, gender, race, ethnicity and religion. Also, non-health consequences of an intervention such as financial protection and economic productivity are also emphasized by priority setting. Priority setting, using scarce universal health financing, works explicitly, transparently with full accountability for public health systems.



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Koustuv Dalal
Senior Health Economist & Prevention Scientist, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden.

Professor Koustuv Dalal, PhD is a senior health economist focusing research on health systems, health and safety promotion, injury and violence prevention. He is very experienced and skilled in community based participatory research, intervention, outcome and economic evaluation. Professor Dalal has received several prestigious international awards. He has research experience, evaluation and evidence-based policy advocacy in more than 50 countries. He has PhD students from different countries’ Ministry of Health.