Antibiotics in Outpatient Clinic - 9th edition
Date: 21st november 2020 Fee: 100€
Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of surgical infection - 3 rd edition
Date: 26th september 2020 Fee: 60€
V International School on Public Mental Health
Date: 21st to 25th setember 2020 Fee: available soon
Tuberculosis - 8th Edition (Summer Course)
Datas: 9 a 11 de julho. Taxa de inscrição: 150€
Antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine - 3rd edition
Date: 16th may 2020 Fee: 100€
Development of questionnaires and scales: Factorial, exploratory and confirmatory analysis
Date: 7th may to 4th june 2020. Fee: 200€(general); reduced fees available;
Geographic Information Systems for Public Health
Date: 7th to 9th april 2020 Fee: 200€(general); reduced fees available;
Tuberculosis - 7th Edition (Full)
Dates: 11th and 25th january, 8th and 22th february, 7th and 21st march, 4th april. Fee: 150€