Geographic Information Systems - GIS
Maria de Fátima de Pina

The Geographical Information Systems – GIS provide a broad set of techniques to analyze socioeconomic, environmental and health data within a spatial context, improving analytical capabilities.

By identifying where the events are occurring, what is the population affected and how close the events are, one can suggest hypothesis for further investigation. GIS became a widely used tool to monitor and analyze the occurrence of events.

Target Public: this course is designed to give the basic knowledge to all those who want to learn how to use GIS to analyse socioeconomic, environmental and health data.

The students will attend lectures and training sessions, where using GIS software’s and databases they will learn how to construct indicators, develop some spatial analysis and prepare maps layouts.


The duration of the course will be 32h.

The sudents who need the ECTS will make an evaluation exam on 16th December, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.

*ECTS: to obtain the ECTS, the inscription must be done in the Ser

Tuition Fee:
4h per week, thursdays, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm
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