Development of questionnaires and scales: Factorial, exploratory and confirmatory analysis

The course is oriented to students and professionals in the areas of Health Sciences and Social Sciences.


  • To obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in the development and application of instruments and tools for the assessment of information in Health.
  • To develop a questionnaire or scale for the assessment of subjective health information, test its validity and reliability, and make a critical review.
  • To develop practical skills to analyse the psychometric properties of a health measurement scale, namely statistical techniques such as principal component analysis, factor analysis, Kappa coefficient and intra-class correlation coefficient.



Carla LOPES,


University of Porto Medical School

Institute of Public Health, University of Porto


Teaching methodology: 

Theoretical-practical course in the context of auditorium/room (Face-to-face lectures); Practical work in computer for development and analysis of measuring instrument.

The course will be held in English.  


Softwares: SPSS and R


Selection of participants:  Course limited to 26 participants; The selection will be made by order of registration


Certificate of Participation: A certificate of participation will be supplied to the participants who attend at least 75% of the course.


Application Deadline: 30th april 2020


Detailed Program





Tuition Fee:
General 200€; (150€ for students and alumni from the University of Porto)
According to the table. An addition session it will take place for the presentation of working’ s group (assessment) day 04/06/2020 from 14h to 17h.
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