Foreign Student Guide


The Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant stay.


To provide you with a good, fast and effective integration, we have prepared this foreign student guide, which includes information on the institution, University, city and country.


Thus, you can get to know ISPUP – and understand how it works – even before your arrival! Through exploring this website, you will find plenty of information, such as the pre-requisites to spend a limited period of your studies at our University (up to one academic year), as well as information on the services we have to offer. We also provide information on what to expect from the city, how to travel around, how to relate to the city and country inhabitants, and even what to expect from the Portuguese culture.


Since both the city and University are dynamic units, constantly changing, we are committed to updating this website on a regular basis with detailed information. Therefore, we suggest that you come back regularly.


Here, you have a short presentation of the University and City of Porto.


We appreciate your comments and suggestions, if you feel you can make useful comments, please send us an e-mail.


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