The Department of Public Health Nutrition aims to develop research, intervention and training in nutrition and other behavioral factors in health, as well as to identify and evaluate strategies of health promotion for better population health.


Our specific objectives are:

  • To develop research in nutrition and other behavioral determinants of health, in particular those related to obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • To develop and evaluate intervention programs in nutrition and public health.
  • To develop tools and monitor food consumption and lifestyles.
  • To systematize evidence as a basis for the development of public health policies.
  • To disseminate updated information on nutrition and lifestyles to health professionals and the general public.
  • To provide education and training in nutrition research.

Most of the Department members integrate the Epidemiology Research Unit of ISPUP – EPIUnit, developing their research activities within the scope of The Nutrition and Obesity Epidemiology Research Group. The research being conducted aims to better understand the early life determinants of the development and establishment of food habits, eating behaviors and food preferences during childhood and adolescence, as well as the effects of dietary exposures in cardio-metabolic outcomes. We have also been developing research on obesity, not only focusing on its determinants but also investigating its consequences on different periods of life. Additionally, we have been producing knowledge on methodological aspects to improve the assessment of diet and body composition. Our final purpose is to provide expertise and evidence to support national food and nutrition policies and obesity prevention programmes, in order to improve population health.