Loneliness and frailty among sexual minority men with and without HIV


01 April 2022


ISPUP Auditorium/Online

The seminar, in English, will take place on April 1st, 2022, starting at 2 pm.

The Speaker is Michael Plankey, from Georgetown University, USA.



There is limited longitudinal evidence regarding middle-aged and older sexual minority men living with HIV being at higher risk of frailty and loneliness compared to those living without HIV.

In this talk, the bidirectional relationship between frailty and loneliness will be examined over two years among sexual minority men living with HIV or without HIV in the Healthy Aging Sub-Study of Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, the longstanding observational study of the natural history of HIV treatment and prevention among men in the US.


You can watch the seminar live on YouTube: HERE.