The Intellectual Property and Service Provision Support Office (GAPIS) of ISPUP capitalizes on the quality of ISPUP’s human resources, providing internal support to researchers and mediating the provision of services to external entities.

GAPIS is made up of three units:

  1. Provision of services/consulting to external entities, coordinated by Cláudia Antunes;
  2. Organization of online courses via ISPUP’s moodle, coordinated by Inês Pádua;
  3. Protection and commercialization of intellectual property, coordinated by João Rufo;

To the ISPUP community, GAPIS offers training in intellectual property, support in its protection and commercialization and support in the organization of online courses.

For the external community, GAPIS acts as a bridge between external entities and the services provided by ISPUP researchers/technicians.

Services that are not listed can be analyzed by contacting GAPIS using the email address

Intellectual Property and Service Provision Support Office