Food, Consumption and Sustainability

Duarte Torres


Integrated Member (PhD)
This laboratory seeks to identify ways to achieve safe, nutritious, enjoyable and sustainable food offerings that lead to food choices that reduce not only the environmental footprint, but also non-communicable diseases and malnutrition.

It also aims to improve methodologies for assessing the risks and benefits of foods, nutrients and non-nutrient food compounds in order to provide sound, science-based answers to questions with significant impact on Public Health.

The lab supports the maintenance and use of databases on food, recipes and composition of food supplements, food ingredients (including raw materials, processing additives, nutritional additives and sensory agents), food contaminants (environmental, process-derived and food contact materials) and the ecological footprint associated with food.

The group assists in the development of food consumption quantification tools and the use of novel biomarkers and metabolomics techniques to estimate dietary assessment, in particular those related to the assessment of food chemical exposures.

Research Lab Team