Health Communication

José Pereira Azevedo


Integrated Member (PhD)
Health communication is a diverse field in terms of types of communication and communication patterns.

The concern of this laboratory is with the general promotion of rigorous, innovative and impactful research, training, practices and policies. It aims to develop a Public Health research agenda to guide the design of social media platforms in ways that improve health and well-being, with a focus on 4 main topics:


  • Big data, digital footprints, misconceptions: Developing comprehensive tools to overcome the challenges posed by the current and any future infodemics with a  focus on how health (mis)information spreads and what policies or public health strategies are effective in disseminating credible health information;
  • Visualisation (image based media): review previous visual communication theorizing and research that provides insights for effective and efficient use of graphical (e.g., data visualizations) and illustrative (e.g., photos, illustrations, and content features) content and digital storytelling, videogames and other visuals;
  • Public engagement through media: Identification of cross-platform variations in effectiveness of public engagement; drawing attention to specific, evidence-based practices that can increase engagement with health information;
  • Health communication and technology-driven education: focus on the benefits and concerns associated with using online social technologies as health education and communication tools.

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