Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Health

Carla Lopes


Integrated Member (PhD)
This laboratory intends to improve knowledge regarding the impact of nutritional exposures on population health, using nutritional epidemiological methods and a life-course approach.

Specifically, it seeks to understand the effect of different dietary exposures (from macronutrients to food contaminants) on cardiometabolic health, and to clarify the mediating effect of chronic inflammation and gender. 

In parallel, it aims to identify trajectories of dietary patterns, early in childhood, and to evaluate their impact on physical and cognitive development later in life. 

It is also an aim of this laboratory to continue the development and application of improved methods and age-specific tools to assess dietary exposures, in large population-based studies.

The laboratory intends to still be involved in the harmonizing process of dietary data collection across Europe and in the monitoring of health indicators in the area of nutrition and other lifestyles.

The ultimate goal is to provide knowledge and evidence to support food and nutrition policies and national health promotion programmes in order to improve population well-being.

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