Policies and Health

Teresa Leão


Integrated Member (PhD)
Policies – health, social and economic – influence the health of the population both directly and indirectly, and often affect the social and economic strata of our society differently.

The study of the effect of policies on the health of the population and its subgroups, as well as the study of how policies are designed, adopted and implemented in the real world, is fundamental to identify where and how they can be improved, in order to achieve greater effectiveness in promoting healthy behaviours and preventing morbidity and mortality in the population.

This research group focuses on the study of health policies that aim to promote healthier behaviours, such as policies related to the consumption of harmful and addictive products, such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs or unhealthy foods; and social and economic policies with a potential indirect impact on health. 

These policies are evaluated using quantitative and qualitative methods, and we observe their effect on the health of the population and the repercussions they have on health inequalities at a local, national and international level.  

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