Beatriz Teixeira

Beatriz Teixeira

Beatriz Teixeira, born in 1995, graduated in Nutrition Sciences by the University of Porto (FCNAUP) in 2017, completed her Master’s Degree in Health Education by the University of Porto (FMUP and FPCEUP) in 2020. During her degree, she studied the most associated factors with adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in Portuguese elderly people, integrating the project of NutritionUp65, and, during her master’s degree, she studied the determinants of body dissatisfaction in adolescence, integrating the EPITeen project.

She is currently a PhD student in the Doctoral Program of Science of Food Consumption and Nutrition at FCNAUP and at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, with the financing of the Foundation for Science and Technology – FCT. Her doctoral thesis is being carried out using the Generation XXI, within the aim of study healthy and sustainable dietary patterns throughout the pediatric age.

Beatriz Teixeira is part of the Food Habits Assessment and Determinants group at ITR – Laboratory for Integrative and Translational Research in Population Health. Additionally, since 2021, she has been a reviewer at the Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição. She is the first author of the conference book namely “Dieta Mediterrânica à Portuguesa”. Her research work has been resulting on the publication of national and international articles and on the presentation of oral communications/posters at scientific congresses/meetings, as first author or co-author.

Her main areas of interest are in the field of nutrition throughout the pediatric age, healthy and sustainable dietary patterns, childhood obesity and eating behaviors.

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