Francisca de Castro Mendes

Francisca de Castro Mendes

Francisca de Castro Mendes has a degree in Nutritional Sciences from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto, and obtained a master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.

In 2022 she completed her PhD in Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) with the project “Dietary neuroimmune modulation of asthma and respiratory health in children”.

She started her professional activity in 2017 as a research fellow at the Basic and Clinical Immunology Service at FMUP. In 2019 she obtained a PhD scholarship and a Fulbright Research Grant to carry out part of her PhD at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she performed research in the area of nutrition and respiratory health.

She is part of the “Epidemiology of Allergic Diseases” laboratory (ITR, Laboratory for Integrative and Translational Research in Population Health).

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