João Niza Ribeiro

João Niza Ribeiro

João Niza Ribeiro, was born in 1962, in Mozambique. He graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1986, he obtained a PhD in Veterinary Sciences at the Technical University of Lisbon, with research work on the development and application of food safety systems in the production and collection of bovine milk, in 2002. He carried out the tests of aggregation in Veterinary Sciences in 2018 by the ICBAS-Universidade do Porto. He is Assistant Professor at the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences, where he is responsible for the courses of Veterinary Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health.

He is a founding member of the European College of Specialists in Cattle Health Medicine and a recognized expert by the Order of Veterinary Doctors. He was an expert of the Veterinary Advisory Committee (1994 – 1998), and of the Advisory Committee for Quality, both committees within the European Commission’s Advisory Committee on Economic and Social. He is currently a member of the ORBEA of ICBAS.

At ISPUP, he is part of the Board and as a PhD researcher he is part of EPIUnit-ISPUP. He has worked and developed research in animal health management, especially in ruminants, in diseases such as Contagious Peripneumonia in Bovines, Paratuberculosis, IBR and BVD, Salmonella in swine. He has investigated and developed food safety systems regarding antimicrobials and aflatoxins. He is currently interested in health problems under the theme One Health.

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