EUSAT-RCS: European-Latin American TB Research Collaboration Network


EUSAT-RCS - 823890

Participating institutions:

- Stichting Katholieke Universiteit (Netherlands); - Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen (Netherlands); - Fundacio Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron - Institut de Recerca (Spain); - Universidade do Porto (Portugal); - Enose B.V.(Netherlands); - Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias y del Ambiente – Ineram (Paraguay); - Universidad Nacional de Asuncion (Paraguay); - Task Foundation NPC (South Africa)

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Research line:

L2 - Syndemics, health inequalities and vulnerable populations

Research lab:

Epidemiology of Mycobacteria Infection, HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections


In 2016, the World Health Assembly launched the WHO’s ‘End TB strategy’; an ambitious project to reduce TB incidence by 90% before 2035 and progress to 1 TB case per million in 2050 worldwide. Effective routes to TB elimination are, among others, optimized treatment regimens to shorten treatment duration and better diagnostic methods. Unfortunately, advances are very slow due to a huge lack of funding and clinical research capacity to conduct trials. The TB research community needs to be both creative and innovative to build and strengthen existing capacity as well as to expand clinical trial networks to perform more cost- and time effective drug- and diagnostic trials.

With this RISE proposal we aim to strenghten the European-Latin American TB Research Collaboration Network (EUSATRCS), offer capacity building for Paraguayan and European TB professionals and build up a Latin American TB clinical hub.

A group of ESRs, ERs, TECH and other professionals are brought together to carry out clinical research spanning epidemiology of TB in populations to GWAS and the validation of an innovative eNose device for point-of-care diagnostic value.

Research Team