UNITE4TB: Academia and Industry innovation and treatment for Tuberculosis

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L2 - Syndemics, health inequalities and vulnerable populations

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Epidemiology of Mycobacteria Infection, HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections


UNITE4TB aims to accelerate the development of new solutions for the treatment of tuberculosis.

To mark a new era in the treatment of tuberculosis is the ambition of this project, officially launched on 15 July, within the scope of the Innovative Medicines Initiative – a public-private European Research and Development Consortium, which aims to promote the creation of new medicines to treat or prevent resistant bacterial infections.

Over the next seven years, the UNITE4TB team will then join efforts to find new drugs that are capable of treating patients with MDR-TB in an effective, affordable and quick way.

It should be noted that MDR-TB is considered a public health challenge, as it is resistant to at least two anti-TB drugs that are crucial for its treatment – ​​Isoniazid and Rifampicin. The lack of therapeutic options compromises the control of the disease and the cure of infected patients, making it difficult to interrupt the transmission chain. UNITE4TB arises precisely to find new drugs that help to treat this public health problem.

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