School Community

ISPUP has sought to bring its Public Health research work to the school community by participating in various activities.

All these initiatives are suited for younger generations and aim to help them better understand what Public Health is, what research in Public Health means, the importance of this medical specialty for society and the daily applications of its knowledge.

This is a joint initiative between the State Secretariat for Education, through the School Libraries Network, and the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education.

The programme aims to contribute to the enrichment of young people's educational pathway, establishing bridges between higher education institutions and basic and secondary schools, with the intermediation of school libraries.

The initiative is aimed at secondary school students and promotes their contact with the research carried out at ISPUP.

The students are able to pay a visit to ISPUP which aims to spread more knowledge regarding a specific research area that is being developed in the Institute, through a workshop.

ISPUP shows what it is like to research in Public Health at the Mostra da Universidade do Porto (Porto University Showcase). This annual event is organised by the Rectorate of the Universidade do Porto and brings the 14 faculties of the University and its main research centres together.

This showcase is an important stage for the dissemination of the Science, Teaching, and Innovation of the Universidade do Porto among primary and secondary school students.
At ISPUP's stand, visitors can find out a little more about Public Health and the main research activities developed by the Institute's researchers.

The Universidade Júnior is the largest national program of introduction to the university environment for students of basic and secondary schools, giving them the opportunity to get to know the educational offer of the Universidade do Porto and the various research centres that compose it.

ISPUP has participated in the Universidade Júnior through activities that aim to encourage students to explore the multidisciplinary characteristics of the study of population health.