Science and Art

ISPUP organises cultural programmes with the aim of promoting and deepening the relationship between Public Health, culture, and the community.

Activities are developed to motivate people to come to ISPUP and learn about, as well as discuss, cultural and Public Health issues of social interest. At the same time, internal researchers are invited to exercise their ability to interact with different audiences, both scientific and non-scientific.

The Painel Gallery is the result of a partnership between ISPUP and the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (FBAUP). It consists of a plastic arts programme which encourages the showing of periodic exhibitions of a multidisciplinary matrix at the Institute.

It aims to promote artists who have recently graduated or are still students at the Universidade do Porto. The programming of Galeria Painel is diverse, rigorous, and participatory, capable of fostering a spirit of debate, sharing and experimentation within contemporary artistic practices, both at the University and in the city of Porto.

The exhibitions are free to enter and aimed at the whole community.

In order to promote the connection between Science and Art, ISPUP has organised the "Public Health in Photography" contest, in which it challenges the community to represent, via a photographic series, how Public Health presents in their daily life.

The winner of each edition of the contest receives a published book with their photographic series as a prize.

ISPUP also organises several screenings of films and documentaries.

At the end of each "CineISPUP" session, there is a space for debate on themes related to Public Health issues highlighted during the screening.

With free entrance for the community, the audience is invited to reflect on relevant current issues.