Public Health in Practice: Urban planning as a strategy to promote health: “Salut Als Carrers” Project


11 Novembro 2022



O seminário, em inglês, acontecerá no dia 11 de novembro de 2022, a partir das 14h.

O seminário será ministrado por Catherine Pérez – Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona

Catherine Pérez, PhD in Public Health, Head of the Health Information Systems Service. She leads the research group Urban Health Inequalities. The main lines of research in which she works include the evaluation of the health impact of mobility and road safety policies, the study of injuries and their severity, the development of indicators and the study of social inequalities in the field of mobility and traffic injuries. She led the recent the evaluation of the health impact of environmental measures to be implemented in Barcelona, such as superblocks.


Pode assistir ao seminário ao vivo no YouTube