Andreia Oliveira

Integrated Member (PhD)

Department: Public Health Nutrition
Research Group: Nutrition and Obesity Epidemiology

Oliveira A. graduated in Nutrition Sciences by the University of Porto in 2003 and completed a Ph.D degree in Public Health by the University of Porto Medical School (SFRH/BD/31131/2006) in 2010, holding the European Ph.D title. Oliveira A. conducted post-doctoral research within the multicentre European HabEat project (FP7-KBBE-2009-3). She was the National Field Coordinator of the National Food, Nutrition and physical Activity Survey of the Portuguese General Population, 2015-2016 (EEA grants, Public Health Initiatives - 000088SI3).


Oliveira A. is an Investigator in ISPUP with funding from the FCT Investigator Programme 2015 (IF/01350/2015), and an Invited Auxiliary Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto and University Fernando Pessoa. She integrates the faculty of the Global Public Health Ph.D Programme, and she is an integrated member of the Epidemiology Research Unit (EPI-Unit: UID-DTP/04750/2013).


Currently, she is the Principal Investigator of the projects “Appetite regulation and obesity in childhood: a comprehensive approach towards understanding genetic and behavioural influences” (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-030334) and “Appetite and adiposity: evidence for gene-environment interplay in children” (IF/01350/2015).


Her research interests are focused on the early formation of appetite-related eating behaviours, how they are established and their long-term effects on metabolic health. She is starting to explore the contribution of appetite-related eating behaviors as drivers for excessive adiposity-gain across the life span, providing supporting evidence for possible gene-environment interactions which increase obesity risk.



ORCID: 0000-0002-6714-5939