Clara Castro


Departamento: Epidemiologia
Grupo de Investigação: Epidemiologia das Doenças Não Transmissíveis

Clara Castro obtained her degree in Mathematics from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto (FCUP) in 2008; MSc in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management from the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto (FEP) in 2010 and PhD in Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (FMUP) in 2016.
She works as a Biostatistician at the Department of Epidemiology of the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto (IPO-Porto) since 2009, acting as liaison person for several international epidemiology research projects, e.g. EUROCARE (Survival of cancer patients in Europe), RARECARENet (Information Network of Rare Cancers), European High Resolution Studies (Determinants of incidence and survival of patients with breast, colon and lung cancer, skin melanoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma), and EUROCHIP (Health Indicators for Monitoring Cancer in Europe). She is a member of the GRELL (Group for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration in Latin Language Countries) Steering Committee since 2017.
She is currently a Research member of the Epidemiology Research Group at IPO-Porto Research Centre (CI-IPOP), and of the Non Communicable Diseases Epidemiology Group of the Epidemiology Research Unit (EPIUnit) at Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto. Her major research interests are focused on cancer determinants and disease predictive models.

ORCID: 0000-0001-9653-4581