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Vitamin D – from the pro-hormone to biological actions.

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Parental education associated with immune function in adolescence.

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Ability of adiposity indicators to identify elevated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in young adults.

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Measuring depressive symptoms during adolescence: what is the role of gender?

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Decreases in adiposity reduce the risk of hypertension: Results from a prospective cohort of adolescents

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The influence of question wording on interpersonal trust: A comparison in randomly equivalent groups.

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Tracking of food and nutrient intake from adolescence into early adulthood.

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Sleep duration and physical fighting involvement in late adolescence.

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Cyberbullying Among Adolescents: The Influence of Different Modes of Inquiry.

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The Role of Urban Environment, Social and Health Determinants in the Tracking of Leisure-Time Physical Activity Throughout Adolescence.

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Social representations of adolescents about drug use

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DA MESA À HORTA: APRENDO A GOSTAR DE FRUTA E VEGETAIS: Um guia prático para pais e cuidadores de crianças em idade pré-escolar

Lopes C, Oliveira A, Afonso L, Moreira T, Durão C, Severo M, Vilela S, Ramos E, Barros H


Book Chapters

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Vol.62. pp.51-56, volume editor, Ibrahim Elmadfa, Karger. Vienna.

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