Isabel Fonseca


Department: Biostatistics
Research Group: Biostatistics and Health Metrics

Isabel Fonseca (ORCID ID: é 0000-0001-8984-1751) graduated in Nutrition and Food Sciences by the University of Porto in December of 1994. In May of 2000 she completed a Master in Public Health with a specialization in Biostatistics, at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto/ Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar of University of Porto (ICBAS/UP) and concluded in May of 2015 her PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences at ICBAS/UP with a thesis on “Predictive factors of graft dysfunction and long-term kidney allograft failure”.


She began her professional activity as a clinical nutritionist in January of 1995 at Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation Department of Hospital Geral de Santo António (current Centro Hospitalar do Porto (CHP)) and in June 1995 at the Corino de Andrade Unit of CHP, maintaining both professional activities until now. Since December of 2006 she integrates the Research Coordinating Office from the Department of Teaching, Training and Research of CHP and she is responsible for a multidisciplinary team (Scientific Review Committee) that reviews design and scientific methodology of all research proposals submitted for approval at this university hospital. Since December of 2007, she is an invited teacher of “Introduction to Clinical Research” in the course of Medicine of ICBAS/UP, and since January of 2015 she is a Biostatistics consultant at the Corino de Andrade Unit.


ORCID: 0000-0001-8984-1751



She is a member of the Research Group on Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation at the Unit for Multidisciplinary Research in Biomedicine (UMIB at the CHP/ICBAS/UP) and of the Research Group on Biostatistics and Health Metrics Group, EPIUnit at the Institute of Public Health. Her research areas of interests are related with kidney disease, dialysis and kidney transplantation, namely biomarkers of graft dysfunction and predictors of patient and graft outcomes; survival analysis and prognostic models. She is also interested in clinical nutrition and nutritional evaluation methodology. She has published more than 50 scientific papers in international journals, nine of which as a first author, and one book chapter.