Milton Severo

Integrated Member (PhD)

Department: Biostatistics
Research Group: Biostatistics and Health Metrics

Main interests: Epidemiology and psychometrics, biostatistics, medical education assessment


Obtained his degree in Applied Mathematics and Computation from the University of Aveiro; MSc in Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems from Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Porto (FEP) and PhD in Public Health from Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (FMUP). Presently, he is Biostatistician, Epidemiologist, Psychometrician and Senior Researcher at Epidemiology Research Unit (EPIUnit) and head of Biostatistics and Health Metrics Research Group at Institute of Public Health of University Porto. His research interests are applying statistical analysis with latent variables to Epidemiology and Medical Education. He has more than 200 ISI Web of Science publications.


ORCID: 0000-0002-5787-4871

Scholar ID               v41cy_YAAAAJ

Research Gate ID    Milton_Severo

CIÊNCIA ID              5C1C-C73C-55CC