Raquel Duarte

Integrated Member (PhD)

Department: Epidemiology
Research Group: Infectious Diseases Epidemiology


Raquel Duarte was born in Porto. She graduated in Medicine, being a medical doctor – pulmonologist. She holds a master’s and PhD in Public Health from the University of Porto. Raquel Duarte is the former Secretary of State for Health an Invited Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Porto Medical School. Former coordinator of the National Tuberculosis Program in Portugal. Raquel Duarte joins the research with the clinical practice (pulmonologist) being the Coordinator of the TB outpatient Centre of Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho and the Coordinator of the National Reference Center for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and the coordinator of the Infectious Diseases Epidemiology research group of EPIUnit. In addition to the national consultancy activity that she has maintained for several years in her activities with the Northern Regional Health Administration as well as the General Health Directorate, Raquel Duarte has maintained activity outside the country: she is the Vice president of the Union Europe Region and Chair of the Tuberculosis Group of the European Respiratory Society and elected to be the new Assembly Secretary of the Respiratory Infecions Group of the European Respiratory Society.
As tuberculosis is her main area of interest, Raquel Duarte has devoted herself to the development of strategies aimed at reducing its incidence. Being the same, a multifactorial disease, from an early age she realized that little is done alone. She works in a large team that combines health structures, non-governmental organizations, scientists and the civil community.