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What doubts, concerns and fears about COVID-19 emerged during the first wave of the pandemic?

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Book Chapters

Fraga S, Costa D, Silva S, Barros H

Violência doméstica: dificuldades associadas à recolha de dados. Que soluções?

in Redondo J (coord.), Sem violência doméstica: Uma experiência de trabalho em rede, Coimbra, Administração Regional de Saúde do Centro: 75-91

Qualitative research in epidemiology

In Lunet, N. (ed.), Epidemiology – Current perspectives on research and practice. Rijeka, InTech. 2012: 63-84


Interpersonal violence: from methodological options to population results

Sílvia Fraga
Supervisor: Henrique Barros , Co-Supervisor: Sónia Dias
Course: PhD in Public Health, University of Porto