Ana Gabriela Albuquerque

Integrated Member (Non-PhD)

Department: Epidemiology
Research Group: Non Communicable Diseases Epidemiology


Gabriela Albuquerque graduated in Nutrition Sciences (Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition, University of Porto) and obtained a Master Degree in Public Health [University of Porto Medical School (FMUP)] with the thesis “Eating Behaviours related to appetite during childhood: determinants from a prospective approach”. She collaborated in several research projects at ISPUP since 2012. Currently, she is a PhD student in Public Health (FMUP) with the project entitled “Food Environment Description in five cities from Central Asia and Caucasus countries" (SFRH/BD/118630/2016). She is a member of the Non-Communicable Diseases Epidemiology research group (EPIUnit-ISPUP).



ORCID: 0000-0002-0212-6868