Research in public health requires an adequate statistical and increasingly sophisticated data analysis. Biostatistics is an interdisciplinary scientific field and focuses on the application and development of mathematical and statistical methods in planning and data analysis of research studies in health as well as in planning and evaluating health programs. The research group is focused on the development, implementation and dissemination of mathematical and statistical methods of analysis in public health.


The main research areas are:


  • Statistical modelling, where the relations between sets of variables are studied, requiring the development of models, in particular models that can apprehend spatial and temporal dependence, survival with multiple outcomes, performance evaluation and risk assessment;
  • Measuring health, in particular, measuring the current state of population health, demands the development of new health outcome measures, coupled with innovative measurements that require new analytical methods and computer software that facilitate detailed analysis of health data.

The main objective of the research group is to produce high quality research in biostatistics in the areas of epidemiology and public health, medicine and biology with the application, development, and dissemination of effective mathematical and statistical techniques.