This group links researchers that have focused their investigation on the understanding of the burden of infectious diseases, their prevention, control and elimination both in human and animals introducing the need and the opportunity for an interdisciplinary effort to improve the response to the new challenges in human health.


The foundation of our research is our expertise in infectious diseases (such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitis B and C virus, salmonella) both in humans and animals. The combination of researchers from different disciplines (clinical, public health, laboratory and animal health) opens the opportunity to cover a wide range of aspects of collaborative research on infectious diseases that are not easily found under the same roof.


All research work is well integrated into different local and international research consortia and networks, most of which coordinated by the institute. One example is the close interactions and scientific cooperation with TBnet, which is a non-profit organization that gathers clinicians and researchers on TB from all over Europe. Another one is the long standing work with governmental and non-governmental institutions dealing with the response to HIV, nationally and internationally, with special emphasis on migrants and men who have sex with men.